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The new bike test rules are supposed to encourage more training for young The traditional route young motorcycle enthusiasts take is being it strange that the law allows the least mature and most inexperienced road.

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If you're new to scooters and motorcycles, the UK laws about what motorcycle test you need to pass in order to ride different motorbikes and scooters can seem.

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Take the hassle out of getting your motorcycle licence and pass first time with these tips. Before you can take any test, you need to apply for a provisional licence. If you have a full driving licence, you may be entitled to ride a 50cc moped without any additional training.

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Getting a motorbike licence can seem overly complicated, it's quite out what tests you need to take and what licence you can get can be a little .. There is no minimum legal requirement for the amount of lessons you have.

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What you need to do to ride a motorcycle, moped or motor tricycle - tests and training, minimum ages, vehicle requirements, new licence rules.

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You will only be able to take the motorcycle knowledge test online if you have already completed the Q-Ride pre-learner course or been.