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I am assuming that my filter has something inadvertently selected which causes there to be no servers. How do I find my filters? I have looked.

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I have just recently got premium for BF4 but struggle to find DLC map. I do understand that mostly vanilla base maps are in rotation but if.

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I'm having troubles using the server filter for Battlefield 4 I click slots empty, but I still get full servers?.

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If you can't get populated servers to show up try this. Go into your server filter, in the number of players section. Check everything except.

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I'll point out that server browser filters must be set to optimize the I'm sure most here are aware of all this, but I thought I'd do some tests to.

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Oh, I've only seen server infos that say pb is on and fairfight is off. Sorry if I have understood it wrong. If you highlight the server, you can see.

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This is a fullscreen server browser for Battlefield 4 in Battlelog. It works just like the normal one only it. shows all servers (with the filter you have set) without scrolling and is If you get no results, first try to click "refresh" button.

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In the filter search you can explicitly fitler out any servers requiring DLCs (second row in the filter pane). Just click each DLC twice to change it.