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Seasoned Okra Snack. Search online and you will realize how many are using whole okra pods to dehydrate into snack food. This may be just.

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It may not be pretty, but dehydrated okra is a crunchy snack that's hard to resist. Halve okra lengthwise, cut into disks or leave whole and place okra in a large.

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Dehydrating Whole Okra. By M.H. Dyer. Jupiterimages/ Images. A warm-weather vegetable known as gumbo in the South, okra displays showy.

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Only wash as much okra that can be dried at the same time. Okra can be sliced into pieces or left whole for drying. Whole or sliced, whichever.

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Step-by-step guide to dehydrating and storing okra, recipe ideas, and quick tips about how to use this abundant little vegetable.

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Crispy, salty, and delicious - homemade okra chips baked in the oven until light and crunchy. You'd be better off using a dehydrator to dry whole pods, I think.