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In this Illustrator CS2 video tutorial you will learn to separate a design into layers. The layers allow you directions. Separate a design into layers in Illustrator CS2 . How To: Create an iPod gel process bar in Illustrator CS2.

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In Adobe Illustrator CS2, groups and layers not only offer a Illustrator has the ability to make the topmost object in a layer a mask for all items.

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Tip: To set options when you create a new layer, choose New Layer or New Sublayer from the Layers panel menu.

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This tutorial will show you how to create a new layer in Adobe Illustrator. Go to the Layers panel. Look at the bottom of the box, you will see a New layer icon.

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Photoshop will automatically create the majority of the layers you'll need. A new layer is added anytime you copy and paste an image or drag a.

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Adobe made considerable changes to the Layers palette in CS2, number of options for how to make the elements relate to each other.

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Learn how to create new layers and move items between layers in Illustrator in this It is the eighth lesson in the Adobe Illustrator CS6 Digital Classroom book.