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The Nameservers section of this interface (Step 4) allows you to set up nameservers. We removed the Initial Setup Assistant interface in cPanel.

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Setting up Nameserver DNS Using cPanel/WebHost Manager. Required: Before you begin, set up a WHM account for your domain name. For more information.

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Sometimes you may need to to change your Nameservers for your zone files. Using the following commands, you'll make the needed changes.

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Setting up your own private nameservers on a cPanel server has many benefits, most importantly enabling all of cPanel's built in DNS tools.

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How to Change your Name Servers. Summary. If you purchased your To Set Custom Nameservers. How to setup name servers for multiple cPanel accounts.

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Change Name Server in cPanel - Hi, Please help me do it. 2 NS: com | 1 DomainA, changed DNS to my Server.

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In order for your domain name to resolve (point) to your web hosting account ( and therefore your website), you will need to update the DNS for your domain.

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To change the nameservers for your domain, you will need to do the following: You will be able to re-create them in your cPanel Advanced DNS Editor and MX.

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You can point your domain Using a DNS change or you can update your nameservers to ours. This information applies to Nameservers for Resellers ( Not Shared, VPS or Dedicated Accounts) How to setup a CNAME in cPanel and WHM.