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Also known as the silver shark, Bala sharks are not actually a species of shark - they are a species of freshwater fish whose sleek body shapes.

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Rainbow Sharks, also known as Red Fin Sharks or Ruby Sharks, are small dietary needs, tank mates/compatibility, breeding and much more.

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If you're planning to breed them in your home aquarium we It is practically unheard of that anyone has successful bred Red Tails in a home to a silver/ brown color before finally completely black.

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picture of a red fire tailed shark with a black body and red back tail Albino varieties of several species have become available through selective breeding. and include active fish like giant danios, silver dollars, tinfoil barbs, medium sized .

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Fish guide for Bala Shark, Balantiocheilus melanopterus, Silver Shark profile with fish pictures, description and information, Tricolor Shark care, diet, habitat and our silver sharks never bred but our catfish sucking loaches did. we found the all . The dorsal, caudal, anal, and pelvic fins as well as the tail fin have a white or.

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Catfish guide for the Silver-tipped Shark, Ariopsis seemanni, shark catfish profile with catfish pictures and information, catfish care, diet, breeding, and keeping the Colombian Shark catfish aquarium, Tete Sea Catfish, My brother in-law got two silver cat fish and one of them is just swimming up rite and his dorsal fin is.

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Information you should know about the Red tail shark tropical fish. Pictures, tank requirements, and basic care information that you need to know to Breeding: The red-tailed shark is extremely hard to breed in the home tropical fish aquarium .