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My guess is that the RedirectToAction call is picking up the default route, not your specialised route. By default, when you pass in route values.

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Hello: I am using MVC3. I have a couple of pages which does not require authentication but these pages have querystrings which could be. wychowanie tekst piosenki kaen

Obfuscating parameter names will only stop the most casual of attackers. If you are trying to shield values of the query string from an attacker.

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This tip is mostly because I've run into this issue a few times and keep forgetting what I did. The tip concerns an MVC 3 Query string.

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NET MVC 3 and demonstrates how you can apply these changes in your This redirect to /Account/LogOn will include a returnUrl querystring.

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NET MVC 3. For more The Web page uses the query string value of id=4 to determine what type of content to display. . The route with the pattern {resource} .axd/{*pathInfo} is included to prevent requests for the Web resource files such as .