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Often, counterfeiters get lazy with the fine details like boxes, dust bags and tags. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags may arrive with counterfeit dust.

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HOW TO SPOT FAKE/REPLICA LOUIS VUITTON PACKAGINGTags:Most LV items come with a yellow tag indicating the material used and a.

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Authentic Louis Vuitton Dust Bag size H10× W15 # ITEM CONDITION This is a vintage, used dust cover. Please see all pictures for condition. (Others) In.

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Authentic Louis Vuitton is listed here on eBay every day! received or significantly not as described (ie: fake when guaranteed authentic)- covers you only fake bags, but they fake BOXES, SHOPPING BAGS, DUSTBAGS and RECEIPTS!!!.

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The actual Louis Vuitton dust covers are quite simple. They only consist of a suede type fabric that is folded and sewn. The authentic dust cover.

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I could be wrong here, but I got the impression the initial poster was worried about authenticity of her LV bag based on the fact that the dustbag.

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Some buyers assume if a bag comes with Louis Vuitton dust bag, it must be real. Some other buyers are on the other hand, extremely cautious.

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10 ways to tell if the seller is selling you a genuine or fake pre owned Louis Vuitton. Don't be confused by fake receipts or upside down LV.