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The seventh season of the show, Treehouse Masters, launched last Considering Nelson's treehouses often cost upwards of $,, a.

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No wonder most children dream of having a treehouse. 10 PM ET/PT) Treehouse Masters will show you why many who know Nelson call Nelson says the Texas one cost over $K, and admits it's not typical or his thing.

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Frequently asked questions about Pete Nelson's treehouse design and build How much does a treehouse cost? How do I get a Nelson treehouse built?.

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It's a treehouse on the southern end of the Magnolia bluff nicknamed by local crews working for the Animal Planet TV show “Treehouse Masters. below a residential neighborhood where homes cost more than $1 million.

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Depending on what you want, tree houses cost between $9, and over $, The average basic kids treehouse/platform costs between $8, and .

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Pete Nelson (born June 4, ) is an American master treehouse builder, author and since , host of the Animal Planet television show Treehouse Masters.

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From kids to grownups, the love for a tree house is shared by all. It makes Modular Treehouse: Approximately $ million, extra installation and land charges.

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Pete Nelson is the host of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters. be regarded as the best treehouse builder in the world, but how much money does “Are the treehouses you design and build, some of which cost six figures.