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Let me count the ways" is one of the most famous love poems in the English language. Because But there are a few reasons you should care about this poem.

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But we'd like to point out that deciding to "count" the ways you love someone does seem a bit, well, calculating. The speaker's initial decision to count types of .

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of Act 3, Scene 4 in William Shakespeare's Macbeth that won't make you snore. Lady Macbeth asks if Macbeth is a man, because he's not acting like one so.

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Things like: "I hope you brought a handkerchief—you're going to get sweaty! Macduff tells Macbeth and Lennox to go see Duncan's body for themselves.

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Just then, he and his good pal Banquo run into three bearded witches (the "weird His ambitious wife, Lady Macbeth, prods him into acting like a "man" and.

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Is Macbeth, like Elphaba, a good (or at least neutral) person driven to evil acts? Or is he just bad to the bone? To answer that, you have to decide whether he's.

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of Act 3, Scene 2 in William Shakespeare's Macbeth that won't make you snore. It seems like Lady Macbeth no longer gets any say in her husband's affairs.

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Coincidentally, Macbeth begins with the stage directions, "Enter three witches." with the play's audience—a lot like referring to the attacks of September 11th.

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Macbeth Analysis. Literary Devices in Macbeth the play opens on a foggy heath amidst a terrible thunder storm, so you know you're in for Macbeth is a dark,. But before we go throwing around words like "greatest," lets take a peek at our.

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A summary of Act 1, scenes 1–4 in William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Three haggard old women, the witches, appear out of the storm. In eerie He also wonders whether they are really women, since they seem to have beards like men.