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Figure 1. A magmatic dike cross-cutting horizontal layers of sedimentary rock, in Makhtesh Ramon, Israel. A dike is a sheet of rock that formed in a fracture in a.

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Dikes are sheet intrusions that cut across layers, or into an unlayered mass. In scientific terms, a sill is a tabular concordant body intruded along bedding planes . . Variations in final shapes and internal geometry of diapiric.

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Geology and geochemistry of Pachmarhi dykes and sills, Satpura Gondwana erally different from those of the chemically similar lava formations, indicating that .. Figure 6a, d the overall slope of the pattern from left to right; the Poladpur.

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Dike: Dike, in geology, tabular or sheetlike igneous body that is often oriented vertically or steeply inclined to bedding of preexisting intruded rocks; similar bodies oriented parallel to the bedding of the enclosing rocks are called sills. Figure 6: Forms of intrusive igneous rock bodies in hypothetical sections of Earth strata.

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Composite dikes and sills with basic margins out- crop frequently in Figure 1. A composite dike with basic margins (Jetteau Point, Maine, USA). . A sill similar.

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Photographs showing different parts of one example of dyke-sill linkage that intrusions that fol- low a sinuous path with a shape similar to fingers (Figure 8).

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Figure 2. Regional dykes. A) A dyke on the coast in Southwest Iceland, .. to be similar for Iceland, many of the thicker sills in Iceland could be.

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The effects of solidification on the formation of sills are studied and some dykes form sills when others do not under seemingly similar FIGURE 6: Sill with its feeder dyke in the Henry Mountains, Utah, USA, modified from.

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This dike-sill complex, though of comparable dimension to that shown in figure 17, nevertheless has fundamentally different geometry. Missing are the irregular, .

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is more like a sill that was injected laterally from the dike, similar to the nearby dike-sill complex shown in Figure Dixon et al. () and Hurst et al. (a) .