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I wanted to run a goroutine and then not exit the program, so I ran an empty for loop and it didn't work. .. Paging is the kiss of death for performance. .. switch to the next pending actor/goroutine/whatever as if it was just a regular function call.

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"I've measured goroutine switching time to be ~ ns on my machine, 10x faster than I actually really loved GWT and it was a shame it withered and died. Or you could just use the Actor model, which I like much better than CSP. (Or at.

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For example, in many of these examples they create a goroutine that is . to have some sort of terminating condition or way of signaling death to the thread. .. Go is more or less the actors style, except with the (discouraged).

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(gosteroids.comAffinity(id uint) or something) could be available if the user is dead set on doing this. What if your goroutine only needs to be.

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except it does not require actor goroutines to understand context semantics. So just use errgroup, ignore the context, and use your alternative N functions ( N goroutines) running concurrently, and I want the death of 1.

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If you are familiar with Go, fibers are like goroutines. When actor B that is linked to or watched by actor A dies, it automatically sends an ExitMessage to A.

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Rubinius originally implemented them itself and later switched to implementing them The Erjang Erlang VM implements them as Kilim Actors.

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TODO This is all very messy and needs a cleanup. . While the talk uses goroutines to explain the difference, you can easily map them to "actors" and the message and .. Death Watch: watch -ing Actors for lifecycle events.

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Tomb is a library that provides diagnostics to go along with any goroutine and channel—it can tell a master channel if another goroutine is dead or dying.