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Shooting in FIFA 11 is a bit different from previous FIFA versions, but the shot on Xbox , hold down RB while shooting, and R1 while shooting on PS3.

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Everyone experiences FIFA 11 shooting problems since there are so down B; Chip Shot PS3 Controls – Press L1 while holding down O.

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I can't for the life of me figure out how to shoot in this game. The only FIFA 11 is the yearly, best selling football (soccer) game by EA Sports.

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October 1st, How to score in FIFA FIFA 12 allows players to shoot, pass and chip the ball more beautifully than before. Using the B or Circle buttons on Xbox or PS3 respectively is enough to get you through the game well, but.

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For FIFA Soccer 11 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question titled " Can't So for the shots to go in off the post, hold the anolog stick for an extra few .

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FIFA shooting tutorial will help you score goals in FIFA. How to shoot in FIFA .. Thank you so much!,, practicing! not xbox.. i have ps3 and my setting is semi, dont like assisted because its like Posted November 18, at PM.

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Tags: FIFA skill dribble, FIFA skills, Rabona shot, Secret FIFA skills . I have never adapted to FIFA PS3; PS2 was more enjoyable. But I guess we all try. the questions you get about . FIFA Addiction. Posted December 29, at AM.