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Eric Lomax, a former British soldier who was tortured by the Japanese while he was a prisoner during World War II and half a century later.

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Eric Sutherland Lomax (30 May – 8 October ) was a British Army officer who was . "Eric Lomax, River Kwai Prisoner Who Forgave, Dies at 93".

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During the Second World War Eric Lomax was tortured by the Japanese on the For the first time I was able to unload the hate that had become my prison.

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On the surface former prisoner of war Eric Lomax was one of the lucky ones. Unlike thousands of his colleagues who were captured by the.

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As he recalled later: 'I could not believe I had become a prisoner 'Some time the hating has to stop': Eric Lomax met and forgave his torturer.

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ITS an unusual man who can forgive his wartime torturer - or whose quest Eric Lomax, a former British prisoner of war whose moving tale of.

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Eric Lomax and Nagase Takashi were enemies during the war, and Takashi helped torture Lomax in a prison labor camp. Half a century later.

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Eric Lomax's book, The Railway Man, about his experience as a That understanding has meant the end of a long journey to forgive her father. (two died) and moved to a special prison for prolonged torture – Eric was one.