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Baked sweet potatoes are terrific with just a little butter and seasoning. Purists will love this recipe but if you need a little something extra.

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These perfectly Baked Sweet Potatoes from are so easy you could make them with your eyes closed.

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If you peel sweet potatoes, bear in mind that they will start to discolour so make sure you have everything else ready to cook at the same time, or soak them in.

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The easiest, simplest way for how to make the best baked sweet potatoes every time.

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I have always baked a sweet potato at °. However, some.

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For more variations and veggie inspiration, check out our [roasted veggie.

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I prefer to have a higher oven temperature when making baked sweet potatoes so the exterior gets nice and crisp while the potato itself gets.

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This tasty baked sweet potato recipe uses simple seasoning to make a quick and easy, Baked Sweet Potato Sticks Recipe - Best eaten at room temperature.