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In algebraic geometry, the Chow groups of an algebraic variety over any field are algebro-geometric analogs of the homology.

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Chow groups of projective bundles. . Let C be the projective plane curve with homogeneous equation Let X be a smooth quasi-projective variety. (a) Let α .

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The Chow ring; an introduction to intersections with projective space projective space that carry an action of an algebraic group, \text{SL}_n.

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In fact, if X is a smooth projective curve then A0(X) will be by .. The Chow groups of projective spaces are Ak(Pn) ∼= Z for all 0 ≤ k ≤ n.

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Rational equivalence and the Chow group 16 Products of projective spaces. .. Chapter 9 Projective bundles and their Chow rings

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Also, your guess about the graded group structure on the Chow ring of weighted projective space is correct; it is one copy of the integers in.