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I leave that for much harder-working gardeners than myself. But if you're stuck with a cedar hedge, here's some information on how to prune it.

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Determining the best time to trim your cedar hedge isn't always easy. Not to mention that certain techniques should be used if you want to keep.

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Spring shrubs need slightly different pruning care than other woody as potentilla, butterfly bush, and crape myrtle, produce their flowers on.

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But like all shrubs, hedges need regular watering, feeding, and pruning to look their that require minimal pruning include western arborvitae, eastern red cedar, of flowering shrubs, such as forsythia, lilac, hydrangea, rose of sharon, crape.

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More trees are killed or ruined each year from improper pruning than by pests. .. to many large shrubs and small tree species. figure 9, pruning of Crape Myrtle.

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Learn about when and how to prune specific varieties of trees and shrubs. Crape myrtle, Late winter, Wherever the plant is not totally winter-hardy, cut off.

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When your hedge sprawls out over the sidewalk, it's time to grab the pruning Summer-flowering shrubs, such as roses and crape myrtle, develop buds in late.

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Pruning of trees is important during the first few seasons after planting to develop Pruning can also enhance flowering and fruiting by forcing the growth of new.