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We don't have any Haynes Repair Manuals for your vehicle, but we do have free essential maintenance guides and videos to help you get started.

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That's where the dipstick is hidden on an X3 Diesel engine. There is no . Since BMW has oil level sensor, there is no need to have dipstick.

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BMW X3 Manual Online: Engine Oil, Checking Oil Level Electronically, Status Display, Automobile BMW X3 si Service And Warranty Information.

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I went to check the oil level on my wife's X3. First there is no dipstick and looked around in the manual and can't find a way to check the.

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The oil level sensor system doesn't work to tell me the oil level any more. The I have tried the . BMW X3 [] I'd take the car in asap since there is no manual way to check the oil. One of my .. Join Date: Apr

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X3 / X4; X5 / X6. G05 BMW i [] The car will let you know to add a quart of oil before it gets to the absolute In addition to the convenience of checking the oil from the driver's seat more Join Date: Jul

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Just changed the oil in our 08 X3 (in between service). I noted Discussion in ' E83 X3 ()' started by M3Driver, Mar 1, I just didn't remember seeing that symbol before but it's possible I alway let it warm up before checking it.